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Authentic beers brewed in beauce

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Our history
  • Hopfenweisse


  • Framp-Boise


  • Sieur de Léry

    Sieur de Léry

  • IIPA


  • St-Édouard


  • Bouquet Tropical

    Bouquet Tropical

  • Cardinal Taschereau

    Cardinal Taschereau

  • Vienna Lager

    Vienna Lager "La Mariveraine"

  • Triple des neiges

    Triple des neiges

  • Das Winter Projekt

    Das Winter Projekt

  • Neipa


  • Dorchester


  • La Lionne

    La Lionne

  • Rouge des Appalaches

    Rouge des Appalaches

  • 1815 Frampton Irish

    1815 Frampton Irish

  • Stout Impérial Russe

    Stout Impérial Russe

  • Nuit d'automne

    Nuit d'automne

  • Benedict Arnold

    Benedict Arnold

17 unique beers, brewed and bottled on our farm and distributed throughout Quebec

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Logo Frampton Brasse
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A unique tasting room in the middle of nature

An indoor tasting room and an outdoor terrace

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